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What is psychotherapy?

With so many various professions concerned with mental health (psychiatrist, psychologist, psychotherapist), it can be difficult to know which service is appropriate for your needs. Psychotherapy is a term that  covers all talking therapies. The titles counsellor and psychotherapist are often used interchangeably. Psychotherapists train in different schools of thought which results in different approaches to counselling, but psychotherapists and counsellors alike work with emotional and psychological issues.

Broadly speaking, Psychiatrists are medically trained professionals who specialise in the study of mental disorders, whilst Psychologists are interested in thought processes as well as behaviours. Psychiatrists and Psychologists often employ talking therapies in conjunction with other treatments and can therefore also be said to provide psychotherapy. 

For a more detailed description of each profession and the key differences between them, visit the Counselling Directory webpage: "Understanding the difference between a psychiatrist, psychologist, psychotherapist and counsellor".

What is existential therapy?

My training is integrative, meaning it encompasses different theoretical models, however my approach is predominantly Existential - Phenomenological. Existential phenomenological therapy is a philosophical approach to therapy and life whereby life and its meaning is created by us as we exist. We are not fixed, predetermined beings but rather authors of our own existence, constantly in the process of becoming. As an existential practitioner, I provide a supportive, non-judgemental and confidential space, in which we can explore your lived experience and your relationships with others, yourself and the world. The emphasis is on curiosity and openness to facilitate the process of reflection, and to allow for a deeper understanding of what gives your life meaning.

For a more detail description of Existential therapy, visit the Counselling Directory webpage: "Existential Therapy".

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