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If you have landed here, chances are you are considering starting therapy or are looking for the right therapist for you. Receiving a medical diagnosis can be life changing. Why me? What will treatment be like? What is my prognosis? Will I ever be myself again? These are all questions that might be going through your mind. Or maybe you are living with a chronic condition and are struggling with the day to day because of fatigue, pain, low mood, or lack of support. Coming to terms with a medical condition can be challenging for both you, your partner and your family. I am a counsellor and psychotherapist, able to support you in your journey to addressing the emotional, social, and spiritual impact of physical illness.  I also provide support to carers and relatives who've been affected by their loved one's diagnosis.

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“Compassion on the part of the therapist is the essence of any psychotherapy which deserves the name.”

Rollo May

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